On November 2, 2021, an emergency renewal levy will be on the Election Day ballot. This zero tax increase renewal levy generates around $950,000 annually and helps fund the everyday operations of our schools. This emergency levy has been renewed every five years since 1987.

This type of levy helps provide teachers, textbooks, supplies and utilities. Funds from operating levies such as this one are not used for construction projects.  The district is allocating the Rover Pipeline tax payments to the district’s construction projects.

The passage of this renewal levy would supply a stable funding source for operations, allowing Shelby City Schools to plan for the future. Because of similar funding, our district was able to provide needed resources for students when education was interrupted by the global pandemic. In response to COVID-19, we have seen first-hand how costs – out of our control – can quickly become a reality. 

To learn more about this ballot issue, please visit https://shelbyk12.org/district/emergency-levy/.