Good afternoon,
I wanted to let you know I spoke with Haidyn.

She feels very frustrated with her classmates in gym, she feels like the child who’s name she gave you today (Jace) targets her almost daily. He makes fun of her, and makes comments to other students. Today during basketball, she said he said to their team “I’m not passing it to her because the bitch doesn’t even want to play”. And that was what prompted the attitude today. She has not came forward because she said she believes he will just tease her and harass her more.

There was a previous conflict with a Jaylyn Lockhart, which Jaylyn called her a fat bitch. This also resulted in Haidyns poor attitude toward gym in the past. She believes that her and Jaylyn have resolved their issues.

Haidyn said that she will talk to ms bowman, but I do know she is not super comfortable with that idea. She feels ms bowman will not be receptive of her explaination, which made me sad. I gave her lots of encouragement and explained we cannot help her if she doesn’t explain situations, among other things and examples why it is important to try to resolve these types of issues.

I tried to call the school before you left, but no one answered and I do not have your ext.

Please email me back or call me so I know you reicieved my message.

Kind regards,

Amanda Queen