Good morning, in light of the most recent events taking place in Texas, my family and I are requesting the district place armed guards at the entryway of each school in the district.

Our children are irreplaceable and their safety is the responsibility of the district when they are in attendance. It only seems logical to take preventive measures when society has developed a new norm and mental health conditions are now more prevalent among students.

My wife studied psychology. She and I have had many discussions and we honestly fear for our community. With the large number of students in the district whom have been exposed to the latest social media trends, sexual perversion such as pan sexuality and so many other factors that have become ever so popular among students, we feel the overall mental stability of children in todays society is very telling and their course of actions could very well lead to a dangerous situation.

Sir this is not to mention the overwhelming amount of drug abuse prevalent in the community. All of these factors may lead to the demise of our children and we are the only ones who can prevent it.

I am going to begin a community petition and upon students returning to school, I will have gathered the names of those parents and community member who support this idea.

If you are willing to entertain the idea and begin engaging in the process to further protect the district, my wife and I would be more than happy to help make this a reality