Good morning Mrs Hoffman,
I wanted to reach out to you with a small concern regarding my daughter, Haidyn Maurer. Haidyn has expressed to me that she feels frustrated during math because when she raises her hand, she doesn’t get called on. She feels like she only gets called upon when her hand is not raised. This causes her anxiety and a lot of embarrassment (she says she doesn’t raise her hand because she doesn’t know the answer).
Haidyn has always struggled with math, so I have sympathy in the embarrassment and pressure she feels, being afraid the other kids will laugh at her.
I suggested to her that she speak to you about her feelings, and she did write you a letter last week but she got too anxious to give it to you. She didn’t want it to seem rude or make you upset, so she asked that I let you know how she is feeling. I am not sure if what the solution is (as I am sure you have good reason for “picking” her when she doesn’t have her hand raised). However, I just wanted to let you know how she’s feeling and see if we can come up with a solution. I just don’t want to make her anxiety surrounding math to spiral into a hatred for math and result in her struggling with it even more.

Please let me know your thoughts, and thank you for your time.

Amanda Queen