Hello. Mr. Gies my name is Sierra Frampton-Johnson. I called to see if Lindsey was available one of the days she was at MedCentral. I have to do a senior capstone project here at Mansfield Senior High School and I choose to do Blood Donation. I am also doing a fundraiser for Lindsey. Here at Senior High I am selling yellow ribbon to my peers for $1 and all of the proceeds are going to go straight to you and your family once the fundraiser is finished. I was wondering if I would be able to use Lindsey as an example for my Senior project. I would be using some of her story and tying that in with why people should donate blood? If I am not able to then I completely do understand. I grew up with Lindsey and I think people should hear her story. Thank you for you time… Please email me back at [email protected] or even [email protected]