Hello, Mr. Tarvin!

I hope this message finds you well! I wanted to get back in touch with you regarding the prayer group that Dané Milliron and myself had begun in mid-January. It has been going well, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be outside the buildings interceding on behalf of you, the staff, teachers, board, and children.

I’ve picked up the building forms and will have them completed shortly. Where should I drop them off at?

Lastly, during our meeting in December, Dané and I also talked about desiring to have a point of contact with the teachers and staff so they could submit prayer requests to our group. I’d like to revisit the topic, so if you have some time to think and/or chat about it, please give me a call or email me at the information below:

Phone: (419)-561-1708
Email: [email protected]

Thanks, Tim!

Josh Kocher
Shelby Campus Pastor
Crossroads Church