Hello! I am a first grade teacher at Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary School. I am writing to inquire about your expectations for your incoming first graders. I wanted to see if our expectations are matching those districts around us.

1. Reading. At our school, we use Fountas and Pinnell to level our readers. We expect them to come in reading a level D. If you use F&P, what level are you expecting your students to come in at? If you do not, do you expect your students to be reading easy texts upon entering first grade?

2. Writing. What level of writer do you expect to see coming in? Would they be expected to write a sentence or two on their own?

3. Sight words. If you do sight words at your school, how many do you expect them to know?

4. Math. We want our kids to know how to count to 100, add single digits numbers, and know all of their 2D shapes. What do you expect of your first graders in math coming in at the beginning of the year?

Thank you so much for your time in reading and responding to this. We are concerned about our first graders coming in and want to make sure our expectations are realistic, especially in comparison to the districts around us. If you would like to attach any student examples, we would happily view them!!

Again, thank you!

Kayliann Schwinn