Hi Mr. Zuercher,

It’s Micaela Pohlabel (2015 graduate from SHS). I am currently pursuing a masters in school counseling and clinical mental health counseling from the University of Tennessee. I am a research assistant in the educational psychology department and my adviser and I are doing research on “check in” services in school counseling.

Specifically we are interested in what school counselors consider a “check in” – whether that be for behavior or social emotional reasons (however, we are more interested in what school counselors are doing for social emotional services). How long do they last, how are they logged (specifically if an intern were to log this service, what would they put?), do you consider it a direct service, and are school counselors calling it a check in or is it something different?

I am reaching out to see if you have any information related to the above that you would be able to provide me with. Any insight you can provide as to what this sort of process looks like for you, what you call it, and if you consider it a direct service would be extremely helpful!

Thank you,
Micaela Pohlabel