I received the letter from the school about Emily getting a tutor for ELA. I have been very concerned with her grade. This is a class she usually does very well in, with B’s and sometimes A’s. I thought her book talk would bring her grade up, but I see that Emily got a C on her book talk, We practiced her presentation that whole weekend, I thought Emily had it down pretty well. I would like to see the grading so I know where she struggled with the book talk. I won’t be able to come in for a conference. I work until 4, and I go to my Moms everday after work to check on her, she has the beginning of Dementia. You can reach me by email anytime, or call after 4:10 anytime. I know Emily is working hard, and I hope the tutoring will help her with your class. Right now she has major anxiety due to basketball season starting next week with having a D in the class. I keep telling her to relax and hopefully she will bring the grade up so she can play. Coach Lantz is aware of Emily’s grade and that she has a tutor. I’m going to keep working her anxiety and help her any way I can with her studies.

Thank you.