I have attached a copy of the email I sent to Mrs. Gurney so that you are aware of the situation at hand. If you would could call me, that would be great. Thank you

I am writing in regards to my daughter Sky Titchenell. She is in 5th grade, Mrs. Seiberts homeroom. I emailed her and Mrs. Ream last week. I will also forward a copy of this to Mrs. Green. I was told that you grabbed Sky by her left wrist and placed her hand on the keyboard in typing class last Wednesday. You told her to do it correctly or you were going to blindfold her. While this may work for a typical child, Sky is not typical. She has Cerebral Palsy and is diagnosed as being left side hemiplegic. It affects her left hand and arm, leg and foot. We have spent 10 years in therapy for this. With that being said, Sky keeps her left hand clinched most of the time. It is painful for her to extend her wrist or keep her hand open. Perhaps you were unaware of this? If you were aware of her challenge then this is an even bigger problem. Please do not grab her or make her do anything with her left side. We are doing all we can to teach her to use it the best she can. You forcing her is only going to make this matter worse. I promise you she takes her academics very seriously and is not slacking in typing class on purpose. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Thank you