Good Afternoon,
I wanted to touch base with Lorelei’s 8th grade teachers with high school scheduling coming up.  She let us know that scheduling night is this Wednesday and she has an appointment ‪at 6:30‬.  We aren’t able to attend but have been talking to her about classes that will be best for her entering high school.  We know she needs Algebra 1 her freshmen year but we would like her to take a more supported version of this class.  When my other daughter was looking at scheduling there was a year long Algebra 1 class that had the support of an intervention specialist in it.  We have seen so much improvement this year since she has been in a small group and being taught by her intervention specialist, Ms. Studd.  We’d like to keep that momentum going.  She is discussing a career in the medical field at this time and our long term goal is for her to look towards Pioneer’s medical programs.  
Also, her IEP meeting is usually scheduled for this time each year and we haven’t heard anything about that.  Can someone let me know what is going on with that?  
Thank you,
Rich Reed