I don’t typically reach out regarding school related things. I usually make Lance do it. Haha. The reason for my email is to ask you to please consider allowing Carter to have three people walk on stage with him to receive his diploma. Lance has raised Carter since he was four and has supported him throughout his school career by pushing him to get good grades and not missing any of his extra curricular activities. While Carter’s dad has been absent through his high school career, Carter made the difficult decision to put his dad’s name on the form for one of the two people to accompany him to the stage. He was very torn, and it was very hard for him to decide. This has shattered Lance, although he won’t vocally say so because in his eyes, Carter is his son. Carter said that he wishes that all three of us could go up with him when her gets his diploma. So I ask you to please consider allowing Lance to walk across the stage as well.

Thank you,