Mr. Tarvin,
I was not going to write you, but this has been a problem all year and it is just getting worse. Sheri Mitchell almost never replies to the emails and requests from our district, and sadly I’ve heard from many other districts as well who also are unable to get return communication from your district rep. . We were told by your EMIS Coordinator that one of your special ed students moved in to our district on 11/13/19 (this email came to us on April 7th, 2020!). I have been requesting records for that student since then with no reply. I realize with the Covid-19 situation it makes things much tougher, but Fran S. has even reached out to try and get the records to us, but to no avail! The state specifically stated that we are to stay in compliance with our special ed records no matter what the outside situations are happening in the state. I have also requested the new IEP for one of our students attending there – as we have a June 1st deadline to deal with each and every year – and once again No reply and no records!
I have been told over and over that Sheri wears too many hats and is just to overwhelmed – I am sorry, but then she obviously needs help correct?
All we are asking for is for someone to be a contact person that will actually get back in touch with us and help us to obtain the records needed to stay in compliance on both ends.
In and out of district we serve over 1,100 special ed students and yet I am only missing 3 special ed records for our year end state deadline and 2 of them are from Shelby.
Please let me know how we can help make things better in the future and how I can obtain these records ASAP. I need the past and current IEP & current ETR for Jeffery Duncan, and the current IEP for Ty’Shawn Brown. Thank you for your time, Deb