Happy August!!
Hope you had a great summer. This is going to be another interesting year. Here at Catalyst Life Services we have continued to serve our clients and families. We have seen a significant increase in stress in the homes- from parents trying to be teachers, trying to hold down a job while many children care places were closed. I am writing to inquire about our case managers working with your students in the schools. Typically case managers work with the schools, students, families and the child’s mental health team. They are teaching skills to students and parents to help the students be most successful in school and in the community. Currently at Catalyst, all staff are required to take their temp. daily when entering the building. They also have to wear masks. Will our case managers be able to serve your students in your schools this year? They are willing to follow your procedures in order to work with the students. We can also try to be as scheduled as possible- though as you know a crisis can happen at any time. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter. I will also reach out to building principles and guidance counselors to give info on what services we offer.

Jamie Starkey
Case Management Coordinator.