Hello Mr.Gies,

My name is Belle and I work for On TimeSports. I am reaching out to you because I would like to offer you FREE promotional t-shirts for your athletic promotions and school next year. We do 100 t-shirts completely free of charge, which you get to help design the front of. This could include your school name, mascot, school saying or any other key information for your program. Our shirts are a higher quality (Port & Co) and will include all your school’s colors on the front. The first season is a sport gray colored shirt. We do all the legwork by contacting the businesses in your area for advertising opportunities on the back of the shirt. This is what makes the project possible. 

On top of the free t-shirts, you receive a 15% rebate on the gross amount raised from all the sponsors/advertisers. Most schools average $300-$800 per season, but do have some that receive as much as $1200-$1500 per season. We always work a season ahead, so we’re actually calling for the Winter season currently. An agreement would be set up between you and our company through docusign, basically giving us permission to do the project and our commitment to send you the shirts at no cost as well as the 15% rebate check. We’d love to work with you. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.
We do 100 T-Shirts completely Free of charge. 

You get to help design the front with your mascot and school name. 
We do put a select few businesses from the community on the back. 
With the FREE t-shirts you will be receiving a Rebate Check each season.
The front of the t-shirts come in full color (All your school’s colors) as well as they are a higher quality product.