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At Shelby, we try to incorporate Music and the Arts because they are basic to the quality and richness of life. A planned theatre production cause students to be  disciplined, displays the importance of studying, and through which all three learning domains (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective) are utilized. These experiences are effective for developing self-confidence, self-discipline, how to learn in groups, social interaction, and cultural awareness. Specifically, our department is committed to actualizing the following beliefs and practices for all students:
  • Developing and enhancing music appreciation, musicianship and artistry through a variety of music literature.
  • Discovering and exploring the fundamentals, technique, and skills of performance.
  • Reading and interpreting music accurately, fluently, and for meaning.
  • Emphasizing professional etiquette of the individual within rehearsal, performance, and audience environments.
  • Providing high quality performance opportunities that are meaningful and relevant to the students – as well as the traditions of the community.

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“We must all do Theatre, to find out who we are…”
-Augusto Boal

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Brian Nabors
Choir & Theatre Director

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