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Preschool – 8th Grade Building Project

Shelby City Schools is proud to announce the groundbreaking for a new Preschool though 8th grade school building. The building will be two stories tall, approximately 155,000 square feet, and it will house about 1500 students and 200 staff members. The District is on schedule to open doors for students in the Fall of 2022. The cost of the project will be shared 50/50 between Shelby City Schools, and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) and is funded as follows:
• Prior construction funds: $1.7 million
• General fund cash contribution: $2 million
• Certificates of Participation funding: Approximately $15.6 million
• OFCC: $19.3 million

The new Preschool though 8th grade school building will combine those students who attend Auburn Elementary (1948), Dowds Elementary (1956), Shelby Middle School (1965), and Little Whippets Preschool.

Garmann Miller & Associates have been chosen as the Architects & Engineers and Adena Corporation have been selected as the Construction Manager at Risk for the project.