Updating Clevertouch Board Firmware

To update your Clevertouch Board’s firmware, go to Apps from the side menu, open the Settings app, and scroll down to About Device. At the top of the screen, there should be a button that says either Check for Updates or Update Now; if it checks for an update and finds one, it’ll download it and then change to Update Now. Note: Proceeding with the update will occupy your board for a few minutes before you can continue to use it.

When you hit Update Now, it should bring up a window asking you to continue with the update or cancel. Continuing should normally install the update, after which you’ll be able to continue using your board as normal. However, if your board flashes the message “UPGRADE STATUS: UPGRADE ERROR”, your board will need to be updated manually. In this case, please send an email to the IT Helpdesk ([email protected]) with your room number, explaining that your board needs to be updated manually.

Note: Manually updating your board may take 10-15 minutes and will wipe any files and added apps from your board. This will not impact files on your Google Drive. Make a note of any files stored directly on the board you want backed up, and any added apps you need, so IT can preserve your needed files and reinstall your needed apps. If possible, please also make sure you have your board’s remote available.