Audio Output for Connected Computer

When trying to play media on your computer through your Clevertouch Board via wired connection, you may need to manually select the correct audio output on your computer, which should be called Built-In Audio for the room’s integral speakers or PC Monitor for the board’s speakers (though if your board is hooked into the room speakers, both will achieve the same result). On a MacBook, you can do this in two ways:

The first way is to select the “switch button” icon in the top right of the screen, just next to the date and time display. From the menu that drops down, you can then select Sound and then look through the list of outputs for Built-In Audio (or PC Monitor).

The second way is to open the System Preferences app; you can do this from the icon in your Dock at the bottom of your screen, or you can click on the Apple icon in the upper left of your screen and then select System Preferences. From there, select Sound. As with the first method, you can then look through the list of available outputs for Built-In Audio (or PC Monitor).

If you find that the board is still not producing audio, you may want to use the board’s power switch (located near the power cable, on the bottom of the board toward the left side) to turn it fully off and on again. You may also want to restart the computer.