Browser App Issues

Browser Login Issues

When attempting to log into Clever or similar services on your Clevertouch Board, you may encounter an issue in which your Google login will not work, with an error message stating that the current browser’s security is insufficient. In this case, rather than using the built-in browser app, use the Chrome or Firefox app. If you cannot locate the Chrome or Firefox app, or if you otherwise have an issue with this process, please send an email to the IT Helpdesk ([email protected]) with your room number, explaining the issue.

Trouble Accessing Google Drive Files

If you find you have trouble accessing Google Drive files from your Clevertouch board, check the type of file you are attempting to open; there should be little trouble with things like Google Docs and PDFs, but something like a Flipchart file can’t be opened by Google Drive. Lastly, if you’re trying to open something like a Google Doc or Google Slide but are still having issues, check what happens when you attempt to open the file. A small window may come up, titled something like “Choose Activity”, giving the following options:

  • Browser (or Chrome or Firefox)
  • Browser (or Chrome or Firefox)
  • WPS Office

Select the top “Browser” option in this case, which should open the file normally within your selected browser app.