Unable to Find Printer

If you encounter an error message stating “Unable to Find Printer” when trying to print, find the Papercut icon (which should appear as a green printer) in the upper right of the screen and click it, then select View My Printers. If Papercut asks you to log in, do so with your Google credentials, then click View My Printers again. When the printer list comes up, click Refresh.

Look for your desired printer in the list; it should either show as “Installed” or “Installing”. If it indicates it failed to install, click the red button to reattempt installation; you may need to do this several times before it successfully installs. If several install attempts don’t work, you may want to click Change User in the lower-left of the window to log out and then log back in. Once the desired printer is showing as successfully installed, you should be able to print from it.