Scanning to Email

When using the copiers, you can set up a scan such that it automatically emails the scanned file to one or more desired recipients. Instructions on two methods are below:

Method 1: Scan to Self Only

Log into the copier with your fob, then select the “Scan” option. Check the default settings as listed on the right; if you want to change any of them, select the “Settings” button. Once you’re happy with the settings, select “Start Scanning” to proceed. You can scan from the top tray or the glass.

Method 2: Scan to Self or Others

Log into the copier with your fob. Select “Device Functions”, then “Scanner Classic”. You will always be the last option listed in the “Frequent” tab; the other options in that tab are the district secretaries and mailing lists such as your building distribution lists.

If you want to scan to another teacher, select “Search Destination”. This will default you to the Shelby address book, containing everyone in the Shelby City Schools district. To search by name, you’ll be able to type their name in; usually, typing in 3-4 characters of their last name will usually be enough. You can then select “Ok”, then “Start Search”. Locate the desired recipient in the results and select them, then select “Ok” again.

Once you have selected your desired recipient, you can select “Scan Settings” to change scan options. Once you’re satisfied with any settings changes, select “Ok”. You can then select “Start” to begin scanning. You can scan from the top tray or the glass.