Screen Issues When Connected to Computer

Screen Size Issue On Macbook

When connecting your Clevertouch Board to your Macbook directly via cable to mirror the Macbook’s screen, you may experience an issue in which the size of windows and text on your Macbook’s screen appears disproportionately small. In this case, you will need to navigate to System Preferences (from the icon in your Dock, or from the Apple icon in your upper left) and then Displays. This may be easier to navigate on the screen displayed on your Clevertouch Board.

In Displays, navigate to Display Settings. There, you can determine whether the Clevertouch Board is used to mirror your Macbook screen, or whether it is used as a secondary display for your computer. When mirroring, there will be a dropdown that says “Optimize for PC Monitor” or “Optimize for Macbook”. “Optimize for Macbook” will return your windows and text to the normal size. However, note that this may cause touch input from your board to your computer to be misaligned due to an aspect ratio discrepancy.

You can instead leave it on “Optimize for PC Monitor” and adjust the display scaling to increase the size of content until its appearance on your Macbook screen reaches your level of viewing comfort.

VGA Connection Issues

When connecting your Clevertouch Board to your computer via VGA cable, you may experience an issue in which the picture displayed on your board is irregular or “flickery”. In this case, check to see whether your VGA cable is securely connected. If you are using an adapter to connect the VGA cable to your computer, check to see that your adapter is securely connected to your computer.

If all components appear securely connected, there may be an issue in some other part of the connection, or your adapter may be the issue. In such a case, please send an email to the IT Helpdesk ([email protected]) with your room number, explaining the issue.

Computer Lag While Connected Via Cable

It is possible that while you have your computer connected to your Clevertouch Board via USB-C cable, you may experience slow or laggy performance on your computer, particularly in loading pages on your browser. Try restarting your computer first, as this problem may be rooted in your computer not having been shut down or restarted for an extended period of time.